Updates on Hunter New England infectious disease and antibiotic resistance epidemiology

All Hunter New England cumulative antibiograms have been recently updated for the period 2013_14.  There are separate reports by region, stratified by specimen type (urine cultures vs non-urine samples). Signal resistance analyses are included (for key multi-resistant organisms – MRSA, VRE, MR-Gram negatives).  Overall, the demonstrated antibiotic susceptibility does not demonstrate bacterial resistance levels that go against empirical recommendations for antibiotic therapy contained within Edition 15 of the Australian Therapeutic Guidelines: Antibiotic (see Guidelines page for instructions to access eTG from an internet location).

Other recent Pathology North epidemiological reports include:

  • pneumococcal disease – how well did 7-valent pneumococcal conjugate vaccination reduced invasive disease across the Hunter New England region?  What are the local data on bacteraemic infection and mortality?
  • Gram negative resistance – what genotypes of extended spectrum betalactamases (ESBL) and carbapenem resistance occur locally?

Please contact one of the Pathology North Microbiologists (49214444) if special analyses of microbiological data are required for presentations or other purposes.

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