Australian National Antimicrobial Resistance Strategy: Objective One, Education- What does it mean for HNE?

Objective One of the recently released strategy aims to increase awareness and understanding of antimicrobial resistance, its implications and actions to combat it, through effective communication, education and training.

Antimicrobial resistance affects everyone. Increased public awareness has been identified as a key aspect to manage this threat by changing expectations regarding antibiotic prescriptions. Education of all prescribers and other healthcare staff including pharmacists also plays an important role.

Priority areas to meet this objective include:

  • Strengthening consumer awareness of antimicrobial resistance and the importance of appropriate antibiotic use
  • Supporting health professional in reinforcing this message with patients
  • Strengthening communication and education initiatives for health professionals

The National Prescribing Service provides great educational resources for both patients and health professionals.

The ABC Health and Well-being web resource and radio program is an excellent source of topics for patients/community relating to antimicrobial resistance, antibiotics and their value.


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