Australian National Antimicrobial Resistance Strategy: Objective Three, Surveillance- What does it mean for HNE?

Objective Three of the recently released Australian strategy aims to establish surveillance across human and animal health of antimicrobial resistance and usage through national standardisation of data collection, analysis and reporting and the diagnostic systems used. We need to understand the epidemiology and impact of resistant organisms, identify emerging bacterial resistance and identify trends in antimicrobial prescribing.     Priorities include:

  • improving national surveillance taking a ‘one health’ approach and specifying clear objectives
  • developing lists of priority organisms and associated antimicrobials
  • adoption of a uniform standard for laboratory testing of antimicrobial susceptibility

What does this mean for Hunter New England Local Health District?

  • Pathology North, NSW is progressing towards uniform adoption of the EUCAST antimicrobial susceptibility testing standard across all labs. The main microbiology lab in Newcastle changed over in 2014.
  • Cumulative antibiograms for most HNE regions were updated in December 2014. Updates for other Pathology North locations are in progress.
  • Hospital antibiotic usage of third generation cephalosporins and quinolones (Defined-daily doses / 1000 patient-days) is measured across all HNE hospitals and targeted for reduction below 20 and 30 respectively. See HNE District Antimicrobial Guideline here (soon to be updated).
  • The National Antimicrobial Prescribing Survey was used by 12 HNE facilities in 2014 and will serve as the mechanism for auditing patient prescribing.
  • The new Australian Clinical Care Standard for AMS is seen as a guide for further prescribing indicators in the future.

antibiogram ex

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