Promoting Antimicrobial Stewardship in your Practice (CDC resources)

The Centers for Disease Control have put together a number of resources to help decrease prescribing of antibiotics and reduce antibiotic resistance. The (free) resources include information for community health, hospitals and veterinary medicine. The information is designed for both healthcare professionals and patients or their carers.

The resources can be downloaded and printed for use in GP surgeries, hospitals and community pharmacies. Poster based interventions have been shown to reduce antibiotic prescribing in outpatient practice, so put one up in your practice today!

There are also graphics, web tools, videos and social media posts that you can share with your patients and other health professionals.


  1. Where can we get a graphic to make a poster!


  2. Click on the download link and the whole library is available for free. There are also multilingual resources available


  3. This is an invaluable source of resources. I have definitely found the best way of achieving engagement with the public on this topic to be through media and visuals. I think because of its nature (boring, complex science stuff) the general public seems reticent to engage and if they don’t then we are heading down a very dark path! Thank you for sharing, I’ll be spreading this across all of my social media platforms.

    Stay Well.


  4. […] the appropriate use of antibiotics and why antibiotics are not always appropriate. There are many patient resources available. If a prescriber has prescribed an antibiotic which not does not match best practice […]


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