Safe prescribing of antimicrobials in pregnancy and breastfeeding (AAW)

Prescribing medicines for pregnant and breast feeding women can be difficult. It is important to determine what is safe but will also be effective. In the case of antimicrobials this is further complicated by the need to make a decision in line with antimicrobial stewardship principles.The Royal Women’s Hospital (Victoria) has recently updated their pregnancy and breastfeeding medicines guide, including all 124 antimicrobials. Information has also been provided for new antimicrobials including boceprevir, ceftaroline, fidaxomicin, rifaximin, rilpivirine and telaprevir. General advice on antibiotic and antifungal use is also available.

This reference is highly recommended for both pharmacists and general practitioners. The Guide is also now available online for a low subscription fee. Alternatively, the Hunter Drug Information Service can help (40143695).pregnancy

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