Zika transmission prevention not just for men- updated WHO guidance

The World Health Organization (WHO) has strengthened its advice on preventing sexual transmission of the Zika virus. The interim guidance report recommends that both men AND women practice safe sex for six months after returning from an area where an infection is present, even if they have no symptoms. The previous guidelines, published in June 2016, stated that only men needed to practice safe sex for a period of just two months.

Until June this year sexual transmission of the virus was thought to occur only via men who had symptoms. But the first possible case of sexual transmission between a man with no symptoms and a woman was documented in Brittany, France, in June. And the first case of a woman passing the virus to her male partner was documented in New York in July.

The WHO still recommends that pregnant women should practice safe sex for the whole of their pregnancy. Further information on Zika virus, complications and latest news/statistics can be found at the WHO website.

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    As well- Zika and risk of microcephaly – see this NEJM report. http://www.nejm.org/doi/pdf/10.1056/NEJMp1605367


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