2016 Hunter New England LHD Cumulative Antibiograms just released

Cumulative antibiograms provide a summary of current bacterial antimicrobial susceptibility for key pathogens in urine and non-urine specimens.  Treatment recommendations based on Therapeutic Guidelines, Antibiotic, Edition 15, 2014 are included in each report. These are prepared by Pathology North, Microbiology for Hunter, New England and Lower Mid-north coast regions.

The antibiogram reports include analyses of ‘signal events’ – detection of resistant isolate types of particular significance derived from the ACSQHC antibiogram list and the CarAlert system.

This year analyses of Staphylococcus aureus bloodstream data by healthcare acquisition status and phenotype are included – extract below.

A separate detailed report on MRGN genotypes will be published soon.

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  1. Andrew · · Reply

    Are the antibiograms relevant to the paediatric population?


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