Prosthetic joint surgery – HNE Health infection prevention protocols

Preoperative evaluation and perioperative care 

  • Screen for MSSA or MRSA carriage with a single nose swab culture (repeat if surgery delayed > 1 month)
  • Carriers of MSSA or MRSA have staphylococcal load reduction performed in the week prior to surgery
  • Preoperative urine cultures are NOT indicated
  • Shower on day of surgery (normal soap)
  • Apply non-rinse chlorhexidine 2% aqueous wipes to skin below the neck on day of surgery –  at home or in hospital by nursing staff
  • For other notes- see reference

Reference:  PD2017_013_PCP_33_Pre_Operative_Procedures_for_the_prevention_of_surgical_site_infections

Information sheets (HNE Health):

Surgical antibiotic prophylaxis

  • For elective prosthetic joint surgery a single preoperative dose is now required (cefazolin IV).  Redose for procedures lasting more than 4 hours.
  • For other important notes- see reference


Full guideline will be added in the next iteration of this page (15/1/21).


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