Is vitamin C3 (ceftriaxone) a good anxiolytic for prescribers faced with diagnostic uncertainty ?

The adult presented with 1 week of non-productive cough (yes, a good history was taken), and had no signs of sepsis other than fever. CRP moderately raised, CXR normal. The clinician documented a vague differential diagnosis and started vitamin C3 (ceftriaxone). 

Vitamin ‘C1’ – cefazolin, cephalexin and cephalothin unpacked

These so-called first generation cephalosporins (C1) remain important agents for skin, soft tissue and urinary tract infections due to susceptible organisms and for surgical prophylaxis.  Increases in community acquired MRSA in some regions may lead to a different empiric choice for skin/soft tissue infection (e.g. doxycycline or trimethoprim+sulphamethoxazole).  Local cumulative antibiograms should also be examined to […]

AAW on AIMED: our top ten posts

Just in case you missed them, here are the top ten most visited posts we have published over the last year. Special thanks to our audience – we target local prescribers and pharmacists primarily. We also appreciate the interactions with our international audience!