These are prepared by Pathology North Microbiology for Hunter, New England regions.

Cumulative antibiograms provide a summary of current bacterial antimicrobial susceptibility for key pathogens in urine and non-urine specimens.  Treatment recommendations based on Therapeutic Guidelines, Antibiotic, Edition 16 are included in the commentaries. See also this explanation.

For anaerobic organisms, see this posting that summarises available ANZ data, including a recent study from Hunter New England.

2019 cumulative antibiograms (Issued April 2021)

Antibiograms and commentaries- 2019, HNE Local Health District

2017 cumulative antibiograms (Issued April 2018)



  1. […] Here are example antibiograms for Hunter New England (NSW). These are constructed by assessing the % susceptible for specific bugs and drugs, taking only the first isolate of a species per person per annum.  Where is it possible extrapolate susceptibility rather than test or we know a particular species is intrinsically susceptible, we enter “S”. Conversely, species that are intrinsically resistant to an antibiotic (e.g. Gram negatives and vancomycin) are marked as “R”.  In either situation, there is no rationale for actually testing that antibiotic against the species. […]


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