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Avoiding unnecessary urine cultures and treatment

Urine samples are often submitted seemingly without a clear clinical justification. As bacteriuria is a common finding in the elderly, diabetic patients and patients with longterm indwelling or suprapubic catheters, a lab report with a positive culture might then prompt unnecessary antibiotic treatment.  The following guide might assist:

Updated blood culture collection protocol (CEC)

For updated neonatal, paediatric and adult blood culture sampling guidelines, please see the CEC Sepsis Kills Resource page.   If you have questions or comments about the process, please add them as comments and we will assemble a more comprehensive list of FAQ related to blood cultures and sepsis diagnosis.

Updates on Hunter New England infectious disease and antibiotic resistance epidemiology

All Hunter New England cumulative antibiograms have been recently updated for the period 2013_14.  There are separate reports by region, stratified by specimen type (urine cultures vs non-urine samples). Signal resistance analyses are included (for key multi-resistant organisms – MRSA, VRE, MR-Gram negatives).  Overall, the demonstrated antibiotic susceptibility does not demonstrate bacterial resistance levels that go […]