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Managing patients with asplenia and hyposplenia

People who have had a splenectomy or have poorly functioning spleens are at higher risk of infection. These patients require education about early identification of infections and may require additional immunisations or prophylactic antibiotics. Spleen Australia is an organisation in Melbourne that provides resources to both patients and health professionals for dealing with absent or poorly functioning […]

Australian National Antimicrobial Resistance Strategy: Objective Four, Infection Prevention & Control- What does it mean for HNE?

Objective Four of the  Australian strategy focuses on infection prevention and control across all sectors.  Since the days of Ignaz Semmelweis (pioneer of hand disinfection in 1840s Vienna which saved the lives of women affected by nosocomial puerperal sepsis),  consistent practice of infection prevention and control has been one of the most important, challenging (and neglected) aspects of healthcare.  Controlling the […]

Ten infection prevention commandments for medical staff

Thanks Craig Boutlis who helped me develop these some time back. Nothing has changed much yet! Always disinfect your hands with alcohol-based hand rub BEFORE and AFTER touching a patient or performing a procedure. Set the example for your team and expect others to follow your lead. Dress well for safer care – abandon ties […]