HNE Guidelines

Therapeutic Guidelines: Antibiotic  (see note below) is the central reference for HNE LHD prescribers.

HNELHD_CG_18_24_District_Infectious_Diseases_Management (released July 2018) specifies conditions where Infectious Diseases consultancy is recommended, local guidelines and resources and general expectations of antimicrobial prescribers.


To access current HNELHD Infectious Diseases guidelines, including those related to COVID19, see  Internet links to current Hunter New England policy and guideline documents removed May 2020.

HNE Quality Use of Medicine mobile-enabled guidelines – a quick way to access key antibiotic recommendations- please bookmark .

Hunter New England HealthPathways resources – guidance on many infection topics, including COVID19, recurrent staphylcococcal infection, MRSA etc.

Aminoglycoside therapeutic drug monitoring (TDM)

For those patients receiving directed aminoglycoside treatment, then please obtain advice from the Hunter Drug Information Service.  The TDM request sheet is reflected here- Aminoglycoside monitoring fax request.

Blood culture surveillance (Pathology North, Infection Prevention Service)

List of potential contaminant organisms (HNELHD) NHSN potential contaminant species list augmented by Pathology North: for a positive culture (any principal source) with one of these species to be accorded significance, there has to be isolation of the same species in at least 2 sets of cultures collected within 1 calendar day.

CIAP access note

eTG is available on CIAP via the HNE Intranet.  Off-site access to CIAP resources (including eTG) is available to registered users. To obtain a CIAP username and password, complete your registration from a HNELHD location. CIAP will email you with a validation link, after which your username and password can be used to access CIAP from non-HNELHD computers.

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