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Acute rheumatic fever and heart disease in regional NSW: risk, rates and recognition

Guest posting: Peter Massey and Julie Kohlhagen, Hunter New England Population Health.  Much of the media and health service attention on Acute Rheumatic Fever (ARF) & Rheumatic Heart Disease (RHD) are rightly focused on the top end and desert communities in Australia. In a prospective screening survey of RHD in northern Australia Roberts et al […]

Reflections on speeches by Nobel Prize winners – Bob Dylan to Alexander Fleming to BLING-3

Guest posting: David Paterson is a Professor of Medicine at The University of Queensland Centre for Clinical Research, and Chief Executive Officer of the Wesley Medical Research. He is also a Consultant Infectious Diseases Physician, and Consultant Microbiologist.   Reflections on Nobel Prize winner speeches – Bob Dylan to Alexander Fleming  [David should require little […]

“UTI” – Requiem for a Heavyweight – a landmark paper

A recent paper, “Urinary Tract Infection”-Requiem for a Heavyweight  by Dr Thomas Finucaine skillfully unpacks many key issues, coupling this with a consideration of the emerging knowledge of the urinary microbiome and virome, suggesting that the term “UTI” might better be referred to as a “urinary dysbiosis”.  The paper is worth a detailed read – here […]

Fatal case of meningococcal infection – a salutary tale

This unfortunate 27 year old pregnant woman collapsed at home with a seizure and then died soon after.  She had a disseminated W135 serotype infection – this serotype has been associated with a number of recent severe cases in Hunter New England.  Neisseria meningitidis case presentation Dr Rexson Tse May 2016 Perhaps there were no preventable […]

Kawasaki disease in a 13 month old diagnosed at post mortem

Originally posted on Microbiology and Infectious Diseases postgraduate teaching (PRIDA):
Guest posting: Dr Leah Clifton, NEWCASTLE DEPARTMENT OF FORENSIC MEDICINE,  Forensic Pathology Registrar Kawasaki disease is characterized with acute systemic vasculitis, occurs predominantly in children between 6 months to 5 years of age. Patients with this disease recover well and the disease is self-limited in most cases…

Human metapneumovirus causes severe pneumonia at any age

Further to another hMPV case managed in one of our intensive care units (an adult with acute COPD deterioration), I’m sharing this presentation concerning local experience with hMPV infections that also summarises current hMPV knowledge. Metapneumovirus presentation  2014 im id meeting.  Picture: acute severe pneumonia due to human Metapneumovirus infection in an 82 year old diabetic […]

An everyday tragedy: treating asymptomatic bacteruria with antibiotics

Act 1 of a common tragedy that sets the scene for antibiotic resistance – an elderly female resident of a nursing home complains of minor dysuria or perhaps just has urine that appears cloudy or smelly. The nurse collects some urine and performs a urinalysis that shows presence of white cells and nitrite.  The urine is sent […]