Reflections on speeches by Nobel Prize winners – Bob Dylan to Alexander Fleming to BLING-3

Guest posting: David Paterson is a Professor of Medicine at The University of Queensland Centre for Clinical Research, and Chief Executive Officer of the Wesley Medical Research. He is also a Consultant Infectious Diseases Physician, and Consultant Microbiologist.  

Reflections on Nobel Prize winner speeches – Bob Dylan to Alexander Fleming 

[David should require little introduction! He has recently commenced his own blog and kindly allowed me to cross post some of his work onto AIMED. Thanks David!

Alexander Fleming’s original agar plate (1928)

Plate image credit:

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  1. Hi JKF et al,

    fascinating articles and info as always. I particularly love the Dylan/Fleming references.

    If poetry be the food of bugs then why don’t viruses sing?


    Support bacteria- they are the only culture some people have!


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