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Guest posting from Professors Josh Davis (Hunter New England Health) and Patrick Harris (UQ).  AMBLER CLASS Class A Class B Class D Key characteristic Serine group enzyme Metallo-betalactamase OXA-type Key example(s) KPC, GES IMP, NDM, VIM OXA-48. (OXA-181, OXA-232 emerging) Susceptiblity features R to all b-lactams R to all b-lactams except Aztreonam May harbour other […]

Here is Josh’s eclectic selection of top non-COVID papers for 2022!  Top ID papers of 2022 Davis Happy New Year all from AIMED.  

Provided by Dr Rob George, Pathology NSW, 11/10/22:  HNELHD Cumulative Antibiograms 2021 – Calvary Mater Newcastle HNELHD Cumulative Antibiograms 2021 – Hunter Valley Sector Commentary HNELHD Cumulative Antibiograms 2021 – John Hunter Hospital Commentary HNELHD Cumulative Antibiograms 2021 – Lake Macquarie Commentary HNELHD Cumulative Antibiograms 2021 – Lower Mid North Coast Sector HNELHD Cumulative Antibiograms […]

Here are the presentations from our recent short AMS lectures for AAW!  AMS- Who the blood hell are ya? Holly Jordan Jordan AAW Nov22 Overview of AMS at JHH Shorter is Better.  Josh Davis Davis Nov22 AAW slides Shorter is better Choosing antibiotics wisely – who really needs ceftriaxone or pip/tazo? John Ferguson Ferguson AAW Nov22 […]

Guest posting from Dr Nicole Organ, Vascular Surgeon, HNE LHD Golden rules Maintain lower limb skin integrity – trauma avoidance, protective routine skin care Treat acute lower limb wounds/skin tears aggressively to prevent chronicity – early use of wound compression Address modifiable risk factors – superficial venous disease, obesity, sedentary lifestyle, arterial disease Use simple […]

With acknowledgement to Dr Rob George, Pathology North Antibiograms by sector and hospital: Antibiograms – 2020 – Finalised John Hunter Hospital excerpt: JHH Antibiograms – 2020 – Finalised

How can we control VRE? Ferguson ACIPC 2021 Invited presentation to ACIPC Conference – the top 3 horizontal (standard) controls are: Hand hygiene by healthcare staff Environmental  controls – REACH trial Antimicrobial stewardship – target piperacillin+tazobactam and ceftriaxone to reduce usage below 30 DDD/1000 patient-days. References Ferguson- VRE in hospitals – 2014 monograph […]

Guest posting:  Jason Trubiano, Antimicrobial Stewardship, Drug and Antibiotic Allergy Service and Centre for Antibiotic Allergy and Research, Austin Health, Victoria, Australia.  Penicillin allergies are not always lifelong. Approximately 50% are lost over five years. A reaction to penicillin during a childhood infection is unlikely to be a true allergy. Only 1–2% of patients with […]

Indications for preoperative screening for Staphylococcus aureus (MSSA or MRSA) nasal carriage and preoperative staphylococcal load reduction (HNE LHD): Open cardiac and valve procedures Shoulder, hip or knee joint total arthroplasties: primary or revision procedures Aortic work (stent and open) and all lower limb open surgery for vascular reconstructions (bypass, endarterectomy). Iliac stents (as they […]