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Preoperative evaluation and perioperative care  Screen for MSSA or MRSA carriage with a single nose swab culture (repeat if surgery delayed > 1 month) Carriers of MSSA or MRSA have staphylococcal load reduction performed in the week prior to surgery Preoperative urine cultures are NOT indicated Shower on day of surgery (normal soap) Apply non-rinse […]

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Papers that related to COVID-19 infection prevention and control from the daily?COVID-19?Critical Intelligence Unit? listings and other identified literature.? This posting does not assess the specific evidence or its quality. Please let me know of any significant gaps – @mdjkf?. Peer reviewed journals Meta-analysis: Effectiveness…

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Guest posting from Josh Davis, Infectious Diseases Physician, John Hunter Hospital,  Newcastle,  NSW. Thanks Josh! He has selected the Top ID papers of 2020 Davis based on: Deal with diagnosis or Rx of infectious diseases (COVID excluded) Relevant to clinical practice Practice-changing, paradigm-shifting, or dogma-challenging

Originally posted on Microbiology and Infectious Diseases postgraduate teaching (PRIDA):
The Global Antibiotic Research & Development Partnership (GARDP) has announced the launch of their new resource, the Encyclopaedia – REVIVE ( A great new resource!    This resource includes definitions of terms from the field of antimicrobials including ‘Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient’, ‘Bacterial efflux’ and ‘Minimum…

Updates weekly – COVID19 – new infection control evidence

Guest posting from A/Prof Josh Davis, Newcastle.  Image credit: 2020

Guest posting from Mr Joe Hessell, Dr Gaetan Khim, and Mr Mona Kheng, DMDP Staff Members.  See also these recent PRIDA AMS lectures.  A high rate of antimicrobial prescribing has been recognized for those with symptoms of COVID-19, much of which is unnecessarily promoting antimicrobial resistance (AMR). Long after the pandemic subsides, AMR will continue […]

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Updated 8/5/20. A. Healthcare-associated events (2018, HNE LHD ) 60 healthcare-associated SAB cases occurred with 7% due to methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) and age-adjusted 30 day mortality of 9%. SAB relapse within 15-90 days occurred in 2.1% of adult events 7% of paediatric events. Principle…

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The national approach to COVID-19 specimen collection is dictated by this PHLN protocol (Public Health Laboratory Network). This is the clear PHLN protocol for deep nasal/throat combined specimen collection for PCR testing. For COVID-19 specific pathology testing advice in NSW, please see Pathology, NSW direct website. For COVID-19 case statistics and testing rates by district, […]

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Amongst the anxiety and misinformation about how best to protect healthcare staff from infection and the profusion of minorly conflicting State, National and Medical Specialist society advice, it is important that healthcare organisations and staff, in particular, appreciate and apply the basics of infection prevention & control (IPC). There is good evidence from China, Hong […]