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Antibiotics and the QT Interval

Guest post : Ian Whyte, Professor of Clinical Pharmacology at Calvary Mater Newcastle and University of Newcastle Case report (Knorr et al 2008 Ciprofloxacin-induced Q-T interval prolongation) 16-year-old boy was admitted for the treatment of an acute flare of Crohn’s disease and a perirectal abscess. The patient was started on ciprofloxacin 400 mg IV twice daily […]

Managing Antifungals in Haematology/Oncology Patients – New Guidelines

New Australian and New Zealand Consensus Guidelines for the Use of Antifungal Agents in Haematology/Oncology patients are now available. These updated guidelines provide recommendations for antifungal drug use in paediatric patients, include an article on the management of Pneumocystis jirovecii infections and include a substantial focus on Cryptococcus gattii infection, as well as updated discussion of diagnostic testing […]