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Is it cellulitis? The case of itchy red legs

66 year old woman with 12 month history of itchy red  legs. She dated the start of the problem from an excision of a skin lesion from the left shin.  She notes persistent redness occurring over both lower legs, more marked on the left side, and this has been associated with marked itchiness after showering. […]

Trap – cellulitis or an acute Charcot’s foot ?

An acute Charcot process within a neuropathic foot (often a diabetic patient) arises silently over some months and is often misdiagnosed as cellulitis due to the presence of skin warmth and redness. The process is usually unilateral.

Is it really cellulitis? – differential diagnosis of a red leg

Cellulitis is frequently over-diagnosed.  Clinical signs need to include more than just redness  – other indications of inflammation are required for diagnosis – e.g. tenderness, pain, swelling, lymphangitis.  The onset and progression of the disorder is also a good pointer – streptococcal cellulitis has a rapid onset usually with rapid expansion of the erythematous zone.  New […]

Cellulitis 101 – importance of routine skin care

Many patients with lower limb cellulitis have pre-existing venous stasis dermatitis, solar damage or other skin conditions that impair the natural skin barrier.  

Flucloxacillin is highly effective against Streptococcus pyogenes (group A strep) and related species

A common myth – “Flucloxacillin and penicillin in combination are required to treat cellulitis” NOT TRUE: monotherapy is adequate.