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Antibiotic Treatment Strategies for Community-Acquired Pneumonia in Adults

There is limited evidence comparing different antibiotic treatment strategies for patients with clinically suspected community acquired pneumonia patients who are admitted to non-intensive care beds. A study of 2283 patients in the Netherlands has compared treatment outcomes between patients treated with beta-lactam monotherapy, beta-lactam-macrolide combination therapy and fluroquinolone monotherapy. In this study beta-lactam monotherapy was […]

Antibiotic Prescribing for the Future: GP Registrar Attitudes to Antibiotic Prescribing

The majority of antibiotic prescriptions in Australia are written in primary care. Educational interventions have had limited success at improving prescribing practice. Primary care clinicians are in the difficult position of trying to balance best practice against patient satisfaction. A group of Australian GP registrars were involved in discussions to determine the barriers to appropriate […]

The Global Respiratory Infection Partnership launches in Australia

The Global Respiratory Infection Partnership (GRIP) Australia arm has launched, looking to raise awareness of antibiotic stewardship. Their mission statement is: “We, the Global Respiratory Infection Partnership, recognising the imminent onset of the post-antibiotic era and taking full cognisance of the declining numbers of new antibiotics in development hereby commit to: Consistent, sustainable evidence-based advocacy […]

Delaying antibiotic prescribing strategies

There are several strategies than can be used when doctors are reluctant to issue antibiotic prescriptions. You can ask patients to get back in touch is they don’t improve, post-date prescriptions, ask patients to come back and collect the prescription if they aren’t feeling better, write the prescription and ask the patient to delay using […]

Is that second course of antibiotics really necessary?

You’ve been given an antibiotic by your GP for a respiratory infection. The course goes for 4 days and you still feel unwell !  You return to your medico and he/she gives you another course.