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How do you prescribe vancomycin?

If you’d like to brush up on your vancomycin prescribing skills then this new interactive tutorial is for you.

Just when you thought it was safe to head out to a bar…

‘The Pick Up’, this years #savethescript winner from @NPSMedicinewise showed us what you might pick up in a post antibiotic era. Check out this excellent video here.  

Happy Halloween!

Need a Halloween costume? Beatrice the Biologist has a suggestion…

Microbial Masterpieces

The American Society for Microbiology has recently held their Agar Art competition. This competition involves agar plates painted with cultures to make beautiful works of art.

Can you develop antibiotic resistance without antibiotics?

Studies of an indigenous tribe from the Amazon who had no previous contact with Europeans have shown you can!

Whip (flagellate) it good: the sound of a bacterium swimming

Scientists synthesise sound of single bacterium swimming – full story.  Some mean machine! Dr Ashley Nord and Dr Matt Baker synthesised the sound of this whirring propeller when they attached microscopic polystyrene beads to the flagella of bacteria as part of their research into what makes them spin. The sound you can hear is perhaps more […]

How long would it take for E. coli to outweigh the universe?

Escherichia coli reproduces every 20 minutes when nutrients are plentiful.

How many of your “cells” are actually of human origin?

The normal adult human body is composed of approximately 10^13 cells.

What is the most abundant organism on Earth? Not what you’d think!

Tailed phages are a kind of bacteriophage— viruses that infect bacteria. They are the most abundant organism on Earth, with an estimated 10^31 particles in our biosphere.