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Antibiotic awareness week 2018 – what antibiotic are you??

What antibiotic are you?  Take this short quiz !   Above items are from Kristi Kozierowski (AMS Pharmacist at John Hunter Hospital). Thanks Kristi!  Key Messages (Australian Commission for Safety and Quality in Healthcare) Antibiotics are a precious resource that could be lost. Antibiotic resistance is happening now – it is a worldwide problem that affects human […]

Revisiting #SaveTheScript 2015 – short film meets AMS

In 2015 NPS MedicineWise partnered with Tropfest, to launch a short film competition to raise awareness about antibiotic resistance.  Here are our picks of the 15 finalists– definitely worth a revisit! First prize – “The Pick Up” of the not-so lovely Ms Gonorrhoea! “Antibiotic man”  “Pills“ The #savethescript judging panel included:  Dr Andrew Rochford, Seven Network Health Editor […]

How well do you know antibiotic interactions? Complete our AAW quiz!

Antibiotics are consistently and widely used in almost all areas of clinical healthcare in Australia with 38% of hospital patients being treated with a microbial on any given day (2014) and 46% of the general population being dispensed at least one systemic antimicrobial prescription in the community (2014-2015).   Do you think you’ve got a […]

AAW 2016: practical AMS – popular recent AIMED postings

To kick off Antibiotic Awareness week, here are some favourite postings that you may wish to (re)visit: [BTW, thank you to many who have provided us with constructive ideas and overwhelming positive feedback – please do complete our short survey if you’d like to tell us something!] This posting from pharmacist, Kate O’Hara laid out […]

Antibiotic Awareness Week – Handle with Care!

This year during Antibiotic Awareness Week (AAW) clinicians are being asked to ‘handle with care’ in order to ‘preserve the miracle’. There are several key messages being promoting to ensure antibiotics are always used safely and appropriately. AAW is supported by the: NSW Clinical Excellence Commission, Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care, […]

Are you ready for Antibiotic Awareness Week?

Antibiotic Awareness Week runs from the 16-22th of November. It is a time for all hospital staff and patients to think about the importance of antibiotics and what a difference they have made to our lives. Antibiotic Awareness Week is an international initiative that is supported locally by the CEC. This years theme is “Preserve […]