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Should children prescribed antibiotics also take probiotics?

Antibiotics and the QT Interval

Guest post : Ian Whyte, Professor of Clinical Pharmacology at Calvary Mater Newcastle and University of Newcastle Case report (Knorr et al 2008 Ciprofloxacin-induced Q-T interval prolongation) 16-year-old boy was admitted for the treatment of an acute flare of Crohn’s disease and a perirectal abscess. The patient was started on ciprofloxacin 400 mg IV twice daily […]

Are you ready for Antibiotic Awareness Week?

Antibiotic Awareness Week runs from the 16-22th of November. It is a time for all hospital staff and patients to think about the importance of antibiotics and what a difference they have made to our lives. Antibiotic Awareness Week is an international initiative that is supported locally by the CEC. This years theme is “Preserve […]

Cotrimoxazole increases risk of sudden death in patients receiving renin-AT inhibitors

Co-trimoxazole and sudden death in patients receiving inhibitors of renin-angiotensin system: population based study | The BMJ