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Penicillin ‘allergy’ and safety of third generation cephalosporins (ceftriaxone)

A frequent issue is deciding whether a patient with a “penicillin allergy” can safely be given a cephalosporin antibiotic – what is the real risk of cross reaction and is it much less for third generation agents such as ceftriaxone? A recent publication in Prescriber Update from Medsafe New Zealand succinctly analyses cross-reactivity amongst beta-lactam antibiotics in the light […]

Alternative recommended antibiotics to ceftriaxone by syndrome and bug

Ceftriaxone (a third generation cephalosporin-TGC)  remains an overused agent in some of our (HNELHD) facilities.  We aim to keep usage below 20 defined daily doses per 1000 patient-days (as is done at John Hunter Hospital for instance) to prevent adverse ecological impacts on resistance – increases in MRSA, VRE, multi-resistant Gram negatives and C. difficile are all associated […]

Is vitamin C3 (ceftriaxone) a good anxiolytic for prescribers faced with diagnostic uncertainty ?

The adult presented with 1 week of non-productive cough (yes, a good history was taken), and had no signs of sepsis other than fever. CRP moderately raised, CXR normal. The clinician documented a vague differential diagnosis and started vitamin C3 (ceftriaxone). 

Inducing ceftriaxone-deficiency in hospitals: practical stewardship insights

2018 update! Just as relevant. Upside – Ceftriaxone and cefotaxime (third generation cephalosporins-TGC) are amongst the most important agents for directed therapy of infections due to Gram negative organisms that are resistant to ampicillin or cephazolin (a first generation cephalosporin),  including Klebsiella pneumoniae .  They penetrate the CSF well, making them important agents for treatment of  meningitis due to […]