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How long should that antibiotic course last?

Guest posting from Ms Kristi Kozierowski, AMS and ICU pharmacist, John Hunter Hospital, NSW, Australia. This is a useful evidence-based summary produced for AAW 2019 – Duration FINAL Kozierowski 2019.  Usage welcome with acknowledgement. References Shorter is better : evidence review by Brad Spellberg  

How long should we treat Intra-abdominal Infections for? RCT evidence

A recent randomised trial has shown that patients who receive fixed duration antibiotic therapy (approximately 4 days) had similar outcomes to patients who received longer courses (approximately 8 days). 518 patients with complicated intra-abdominal infections were recruited. Patients received either a fixed course of antibiotics or antibiotics until 2 days after the resolution of fever, leucocytosis […]

Do you really need to finish that antibiotic course?

Professor Lyn Gilbert started a discussion going with her recent MJA piece. Health and Wellbeing (ABC) took up the discussion with a further piece teasing out some of these issues-  Antibiotics – when is enough enough?  Full text below. The community discussion that followed on the ABC News Facebook page was very interesting and diverse! […]