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Antibiotic classes – why so important to know about them?

The antibiotic knowledge survey of our new interns this week,  showed that many were confused about which class vancomycin (a glycopeptide) fell into (30% thought it was an aminoglycoside).  This is a potentially dangerous confusion as the dosing, side effects and monitoring all differ substantially between these classes: Aminoglycoside Glycopeptide Indicative agents Gentamicin Vancomycin Dosing […]

How should we dose vancomycin in an ICU patient who weighs 250kg?

At last week’s HNE northern ICU antimicrobial stewardship teleconference, discussion centred around how to dose a large patient.  eTG indicates that actual body weight is used to calculate the dosage. Edition 15 also brings in a routine recommendation for a single loading dose of vancomycin- 25-30mg/kg in those with sepsis.  There were misgivings about using […]