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How to select an antibiotic dose for children

Dosing information for children, unlike adults, is often presented as a mg/kg range. So how do you choose what dose to use?This recent discussion from the BMJ has some important take home messages . Did you know that a child qualifies for an adult antibiotic dose usually by the time they weigh 40 kg?  That […]

Parental Expectations and Otitis Media Antibiotic Prescription

Parental expectations that antibiotics will be prescribed for self-limiting childhood complaints are difficult to overcome. It becomes more difficult when antibiotic prescribing practice differs between prescribers and doesn’t always follow best practice guidelines.  A recent survey of parents with children in playgroup or childcare in Brisbane showed that knowledge about correct treatment of otitis media was […]

Paediatric Antimicrobial Stewardship

While children and adults have different antimicrobial needs, antimicrobial stewardship (AMS) principles are the same. There is much less information regarding the implementation and effectiveness of AMS in paediatric hospitals. An Australian-wide point prevalence survey in paediatric hospitals identified 28% of reviewed patients having at least one prescription that was considered to be inappropriate. Prescriptions were considered inappropriate […]

Managing Paediatric Sepsis

Managing paediatric sepsis is difficult. Children require different drugs and doses and the typical pathogens vary across age groups. The team at the BMJ have put together a review of the management and treatment options for children, including neonates. Antibiotics are the only treatment of proven value in paediatric sepsis. Progression to organ failure and shock can be rapid […]