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What are cumulative antibiograms ?

Antibiograms summarise local antimicrobial susceptibility in order to guide appropriate antimicrobial prescribing. Ideally they are updated annually by microbiology services to provide a current  picture of bacterial susceptibility and the local incidence of key sentinel resistant pathogens.

C-reactive protein or erythrocyte sedimentation rate?

CRP is considered a better marker of the acute phase of the inflammatory process and can be used to assess response to therapy. Repeating the test more frequently than every 2-3 days is not indicated. There is also little rationale for performing both CRP and ESR when looking for indirect evidence of systemic or local site infection. […]

Stewardship: It’s not just for antimicrobials

An important part of using antimicrobials appropriately is ordering the right pathology tests. Increasing workloads have been identified in pathology departments across Australia and pathology is a significant cost to the health system. While there is no Australian data it has been estimated that up to 25% of pathology ordered in the UK is either […]