Choosing wisely (IDSA): Avoid antibiotic therapy for lower limb stasis dermatitis or venous ulcers

The Infectious Diseases Society of America also has started a Choosing wisely campaign.  This advice is valuable.

Choosing Wisely - stasis dermatitis IDSA

In the recent District-wide wound surveillance survey across Hunter New England Health hospitals and community nursing services, there were over 900 patients with active wounds identified (including many venous ulcers related to stasis dermatitis). Of these 28% had received antibiotics in the preceding 2 weeks. This is a large and risky exposure statistic- exposing patients to risk of multi-resistant organism acquisition, C. difficile infection and antibiotic side effects. It is likely that treatment is prompted by detection and reporting of bacteria from ulcer swabs.  As stated by IDSA, the routine use of antibiotics in this situation does not improve healing rates. 

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